Frequently Asked Questions About Content Licensing:

1. Do you have an API?

PTLINKED has a powerful content management system and RESTful API that makes it easy to license our content and assets to companies that desire to use them to support their digital health, fitness, and injury recovery strategies and solutions.

2. What content is available for licensing?

PTLINKED has over 3000 animated exercises, as well as a robust library of exercise programs, digital care plans, a tech-enabled network of physical therapy providers, and other tools and resources that can be leveraged to support any musculoskeletal (MSK) solution.

3. Who develops your content?

A team of licensed physical therapists, certified strength & conditioning specialists, 3D animators, and technical experts have spent the past decade building the digital content, tools, and resources that we license to make musculoskeletal care and injury rehabilitation more convenient, accessible, and affordable.

4. Can the look of the avatar be changed?

Yes. For select licensing partners we’re able to change the look and feel of the 3D avatar to match what you are looking for. This can include male or female, more or less fit, different ethnicities, older or younger, and we can even brand and change the apparel. Once the look of the 3D avatar is approved, we re-render our animation library and produce the new assets (videos and images) required.

5. What types of companies do you license your content and assets to?

  • Health plans
  • Health systems
  • Physician networks
  • Orthopedic groups
  • Telemedicine companies
  • Value-based / Bundled-care providers
  • Employers
  • Wellness companies
  • Workers compensation companies
  • EMR’s / EHR’s
  • Digital health companies
  • Health clubs / Fitness centers

6. Do you build tools and solutions for other companies?

Yes. In situations where we feel there is a unique opportunity to partner with a company to build and scale a product that is focused on improving musculoskeletal health, then we will consider getting involved. Our clinical/technical team is able to customize or create new content and develop innovative tools and resources that will plug into new products or existing solutions.

7. Why is some of your content accessible for free on your website?

It's simple. We test things and get feedback from consumers and providers. We let people use our content and some of the tools that we build to see what works. We then figure out the best strategy to scale it so we can impact the most people.

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